Hi, I am Germana

Experienced professional translator, specialized in the following areas of expertise: business, tourism, fashion and textile, legal, technical and marketing.

Thanks to several training and specialization courses, I can provide professional and efficient translation services. My goal is to guarantee the utmost punctuality and attention to detail for each translation project assigned in my languages of expertise: English, Spanish and Italian.

“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”

George Steiner


Translating is not a mere technical issue. It’s not a matter of grammar, syntax and lexicon only, but it’s a real art that is strictly connected to the translator’s cultural heritage and personal sensibility, with its ability to feel at ease with the author to translate and his world.
The translator is a human provided with sensitivity and cultural experience: the combination of knowledge and human reason give rise to translations able to convey the value of the original meaning of the text, including the stylistic effects and the feelings experienced during the reading.
So, if you need to translate important and official documents, a business website or you want to attract potential clients, who don’t speak your language, then you should rely on a professional qualified translator. But even if machine translation can potentially save you some money and time, the result of the same will be rough and superficial and, of course, it won’t convey the same emotional reality, the same 360° semantic awareness and the same linguistic and stylistic creativity that a good and professional translator can achieve.



Punctuality and precision

Translation delivery in the deadline required, guaranteeing a terminological coherence in all the translations, correct use of the words, appropriate language to field of specialization.

Professionalism and high quality

Translation agencies assign, each time, the translation projects to a different translator, the one available at the moment of the request. If you contact me, I will personally translate your documents; thanks to a deep knowledge of my working languages and specific skills in some sector-based sphere, providing accurate and professional translations.


Passion for my job

Translating is not a mere job for me, but it’s also a passion that I cultivate since I was a child. I think that translating is important because it helps to communicate a message that, otherwise, would be unknown. So, translating makes me feel useful for other people and, in some way, “special”.



A fundamental prerequisite of my job. Regardless of potential agreements undersigned on request by the client, I always guarantee the utmost confidentiality of the information provided in the original documents. The obligation to confidentiality does not lapse with the conclusion of the translation service or business relationship.

“Translation is not a matter of words only:
it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”
Anthony Burgess